There are a lot of things that I’ve learned or noticed in a different way during this parenting gig.  One thing that really gets me is how f.a.s.t. time flies by! It has been a month since I’ve posted anything here, and on one hand I completely understand why, we’ve been out of town so much this month and pretty busy.  My life has been a constant cycle of packing, unpacking, laundry and repacking. But it has all been fun and it is all good stuff.  On the other hand, I can’t believe it has really been a whole month!  And to think that Jacob turns 11 months old in two days is downright crazy!

We went to a birthday party last weekend for the daughter of some friends who turned one.  Her mom and I were talking and she said everyone keeps referring to her little girl now as a toddler, and yes, she is walking/toddling around, but mom is having a hard time emotionally getting through the transition of her little girl being anything other than a baby.  She is in denial.  And honestly, I feel like I am too.  In another month Jacob is going to be 1 year old.  And I know this month is going to go by just as fast, if not faster, than last month.

While I am excited for Jacob to grow up and I am looking forward to other milestones and fun things we can do as he gets older, I find myself thinking back and missing those baby moments that we’ve been through.  When he slept all the time and I could stare at him for hours.  I miss him snuggling with me, now he just wants to be put down so he can get moving. All the hours I spent on the floor with him during tummy time encouraging him to lift his head, roll over, sit up on his own.  And so many other things that seems like we were just doing them yesterday, but they were several months ago now. And at the rate time is going I feel like tomorrow I will be saying it was years ago when we were doing those things.  So before Jacob turns 11 months old, lets reflect back on his 10th month 🙂

43 weeks

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44 wks - 3826ed45 weeks

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47 wks - 4720edWe started the month off at a wedding in Bakersfield and then spent a few days in Paso Robles wine tasting, I have pictures and stories to tell on that trip and will save them for another post. Then we went to my parents cabin and Justin helped my dad with their remodeling project while my mom, Jacob and I drove in to visit my grandma.  Then two days later we went to Justin’s parents house for Thanksgiving then the day after we got back we drove to Orange County for the birthday party I mentioned earlier.  Oh and Justin got sick the day before we left for Thanksgiving and I got sick the day after we got back, and Jacob has been battling a strange case of hives for a week now.  Two days before Thanksgiving he started randomly getting red splotches/hives on different places on his body and they didn’t last long, just a few minutes even, and they move to other areas of the body.  And it is not at any specific time, they come and go all day long…We haven’t tried any new foods recently, lotions, soaps, laundry detergent, etc…and it is making me crazy trying to figure out what it is.  It doesn’t seem to bother him, he’s not itching, fussy, he doesn’t have a fever, there is no swelling, he is sleeping great and is breathing fine.  The day between getting home from Thanksgiving and going to the birthday party we spent at the doctors office and the Nurse Practitioner on call checked him out and said other than the hives everything looks good and he is healthy.  She said that it could be some sort of virus that his body is reacting differently to and she basically said that hives are so common in young children and sometimes it is a phase and it will go away, just give it some time.  I am a little skeptical, especially since he has a family history of allergies on both sides…but I am giving it a couple more days before I get a second opinion.

Other than that…Jacob is doing wonderful!  He was a champ during all our travels and we’ve had a really fun month.  It is amazing to see his personality change as he grows.  My mellow, easy going little boy has developed a strong opinion about things and is not afraid to let me know his opinion.  If this child takes after me I know I’m in trouble 🙂  He is Mr Busybody, crawling all over the place getting into everything. He makes complete strangers hearts melt with his smile in public.  He has decided that he no longer wants me to feed him, so all of his meals have to be things that he can pick up and feed himself, sometimes I can squeeze a spoonful of something in between handfuls of food.  As much as I miss those sweet tender baby moments, I also love this fun time and seeing him learn and change as he grows.

I have lots more to share so I’ll be back soon! XO

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  1. I always say, “Don’t blink, the time goes by so quickly, you can’t believe it’s gone!! I remember some of those moments with my kids still, and look how old they are. Every chapter is good in its own way, and together they make up quite a book!!!

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