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We always talk about how blessed we are to have such an amazing support group of family and friends.  We both come from big families that truly enjoy being together and celebrating together.  We have some fantastic friends from college and church who have become our San Diego family.  We both also work with some pretty awesome people which is great since we spend all day with them during the week.  Plus our childhood friends, clients turned friends and others who we have created friendships with along the way.  When we announced that we were pregnant I knew there would be plenty of people who would be so happy for us, but I never imagined the outpouring of love that came from everyone or all the people who wanted to celebrate with us.  It has really been special.  These people came together and gave baby Frisco 4 baby showers, they’ve sent gifts from all over and they can’t wait to meet him and welcome him into our circle of family and friends.  I intended to get a group photo at each of my showers and take lots of pictures along the way…but that didn’t really happen.  I’ve learned there are times when I am in the photography mode and want to document everything, but there are also times when I just want to kick back and enjoy it all.  Thankfully there were others who took on the job of photographer so I do have a few pictures to share.

First up was Justin’s office.  It is not very common that an office that consists of mostly men would get together for a baby shower, but with the wonderful planning of the (female) office administrative assistant they gave us a fun shower!  We played baby Pictionary, where everyone agreed that hopefully baby Frisco will not inherit our drawing skills, although I have to say that Justin does have a pretty good artistic side to him, but he wasn’t showing it off that day.  We had lots of snacks and yummy cupcakes.  We opened gifts and received lots of well wishes and a personalized poem for baby Frisco. pics2Then it was time for family.  My aunt hosted both sides of our family at her house.  Most of our family lives in Southern California so almost everyone was able to come.  We played some games, including one where we all had the name of some famous baby, group of kids, real or cartoon on our backs and we had to ask people yes or no questions to try and figure out who we were.  It was a great way to get the party started.  Lunch and lots of yummy treats were served.  While opening gifts we had the person whose gift I was opening tell a funny story about Justin or I when we were a baby, which brought on some laughs!  Everyone brought books along with their gifts to build a library for baby Frisco and I had them all write a note to him on the inside of the books so we can think of them as we read along.  I am so excited about the library he has now!  Since it was November and we are having a little man, we had a moustache theme in honor of Movember.

Next we celebrated with my girlfriends.  One of my San Diego girlfriends paired up with my best childhood friend and threw us another shower.  I love all these women and the fact that they are all currently moms to one or two little ones makes for a wonderful resource/support group.  This is the group where I soak up the stories and advice and am so thankful that I have them to turn to and lean on when needed. The day was filled with lots of personal touches and crafty Pinterest ideas.  The girls who threw the shower are some pretty serious San Diego Charger fans and they did have a little bit of Charger touches here and there…but as hard as it was for them, they did respect Justin’s team and decorated with the Pittsburg Steelers in mind.
IMG_6599This was the one shower that I did get a group shot

IMG_6591And remember these girls…they now have their little girls cradled in their arms!
IMG_6594 Last but not least was my office.  Opposite of Justin my office consists of mostly women, and with women a baby is definitely a cause for celebration! Two of the girls got together and threw a shower filled with lots of yummy food and champagne cocktails (virgin for me of course)!  It is so great to work with people who enjoy being together even after we have worked together all day long.  Almost everyone in the office was able to come and baby Frisco got so many fantastic gifts.  Sadly we didn’t take any pictures at that shower, but we did get a picture of the adorable Little Prince cake!

Little Prince Cake

Outside of the showers, we’ve had friends take us out to dinner or brunch to celebrate, we get phone calls, emails and texts from people asking if there is anything we need and we are getting gifts from our parents friends. It really has been overwhelming how awesome people are.  The bottom line is, it’s really not about the parties and gifts but all the love that everyone has for this little boy.  Who knew he would be so popular before he was even born, he is a pretty lucky guy!

Thank you everyone for all your support, we can’t wait for you to meet our little boy!

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