Twenty Twelve

Yesterday morning at church our pastor asked us to stop and think about the best year of our lives…This was a hard question.  There are so many milestones, accomplishments, vacations and fun things we’ve done over the years it is hard to pick just one.  I was thinking about when I graduated college, all the fantastic vacations we’ve taken, the year we planned our wedding and got married, etc… But then I started thinking about what I’ve learned in those years and how they have changed me as a person, it was really a thought provoking question.  After a few minutes, he asked us to raise our hand if our best year was 20+ years ago, within the past 10 years, 5 years or this last year.  As he was asking I was still deep in thought and then both Justin and I raised our hands when he asked if it was this last year.  We looked at each other, smiled and Justin put his hand on my belly.

As you know from our story, 2009-2011 were some pretty rough times for us.  Sure we took some vacations, celebrated some milestones and had lots of fun along the way, but there was another part of our lives where we were struggling to start a family and it was pretty dark and really hard.  2012 started off pretty hard as well, with some unexpected surprises, surgeries and the stress of going through IVF.  But it worked, and it was all worth it.  Other than the obvious reason that we are pregnant, I also choose this last year as one of the best years of my life because of what I learned about myself, my husband and our relationship.  It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t all fun and games, and we didn’t take any wonderful vacations.  But I know that I married a wonderful man, our relationship is solid and I know that we can survive the hard times hand in hand.  The reconfirmation of that in this past year is also what made 2012 a wonderful year.

I love it when people ask you questions that really make you stop and think.  Usually this time of year, we are busy making plans for our New Year’s Eve celebration.  It becomes more about staying up past midnight, champagne, noisemakers, dressing up and dancing the night away or watching the ball drop on TV, which is great and I don’t see anything wrong with that.  But maybe we should take just a few minutes to stop and reflect back on the year no matter how great or how difficult it was and think about not only what you did, but what you learned about yourself and others, it can really open your eyes and maybe it will help us to make some more realistic resolutions for the new year!

I have a feeling at the end of 2013 I’m going to say that was my best year since we will actually have our little boy in our lives and I know that we have lots of struggles, fun times and learning experiences to look forward to.

Since I cannot do a post without a picture…I’ve waited years to be able to park in the expectant mother parking spaces, and this year I was finally able to do that 🙂

Happy New Year!
Expectant Mother Parking

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