When Jacob turned 6 months old I took some fun pictures of him to document the occasion, because I clearly don’t have enough pictures of him, right??….. I thought I better get them up here before he turns one!  So let’s flash back 2 months and revisit our 6 month old.

First, I put a white blanket down and just let him roll around


he loved the gauzy, stretchy texture of the blanket and kept playing with it.

IMG_0186edHe always had a grip on the blanket with one hand and was playing with his feet with the other.

IMG_0182edIMG_0180edWhen I was pregnant, we were showered by so many wonderful people and Jacob got so many wonderful gifts.  One of my favorite things was the books!  I am a bookworm and at my family shower everyone brought books for Jacob and wrote a little note to him inside.  Before every nap and bedtime we read stories and we tell him who the book came from.  Jacob has really come to love his story time.
IMG_0354edJacob has quite the library!  We have the classics, some are new books that I haven’t seen before and some are the same books that Justin and I remember reading when we were little.


We’ve read some of these books over and over and over again that I have them memorized.  I’ve actually recited some books from memory to Jacob while driving to entertain him when he gets bored in the backseat.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned in a previous post that Jacob has a birthmark on his left shoulder?  I love that you can see it in these pictures.

IMG_0231edJacob started sitting up on his own the day before his 6 month birthday, so this was a new concept for him, and he was enjoying the new perspective.

IMG_0239edJustin couldn’t stop at sitting, he had to see if Jacob would stand, which he did…for just a few seconds.

IMG_0211edFinally, if you remember the tie Jacob wore in his newborn photos, you’ll appreciate these.





4 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. These were great photos – I really love the ones with Justin and the tie. We had “Love you forever” and I used to read it to the kids. A couple of Christmases ago, Michael gave me a new copy as a gift and wrote inside the cover. There was quite a bit of tears on my part (and Haley’s too)!! Books are wonderful friends!! xoxoxo

    • I love that book, it is one of my favorites 🙂 I still get a little teary eyed every time we read it. What a great gift from Michael! You raised some fantastic kids!

  2. The pictures are great, especially surrounded by his favorite books.You have a beautiful child, and handsome too. It was so great to be able to meet him.

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