Almost 3…

Yes, I know I am on a blogging roll!  So much to share these days!  We had our follow up appointment today and I am now almost 3 cm dilated!  I am still having a few mini contractions a day, but they are random and nothing to really keep track of.  Everything else looks great, he is in position still and she guessed him to be about 7 to 7.5 lbs.  She basically told me it could be any day. So we wait…There are things that I heard about pregnancy and always thought they would never been an issue with me, now that I am 38 weeks, I can say that I was wrong.  Here are the things that surprised me the most.

Tying my shoes…
Pssshh…I’ll always be able to tie my shoes, or bend over to pick something up…yeah right.  For the most part during my pregnancy, I wore flip-flops or slip-ons which made taking my shoes on and off so easy, I never thought twice about the difficulty of this simple task. Now that it has been so cold (yes I know I am in Southern California, but it has been really cold by Southern California’s standards) I’ve been breaking out my uggs, boots and tennis shoes and the simple task of putting on my shoes has now been transferred over to my husband.  I just can’t do it anymore.

Preggo brain…
Throughout the years while all my friends were pregnant, I kept hearing them talk about “preggo brain” and I never really thought much about it or took it seriously.  If you know me well you know that I have a pretty good memory and am able to recall things with specific detail.  I am the one that my friends turn to to when they can’t remember something. I can remember things like street names, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, I am great with directions, recalling what someone was wearing, what year something happened, etc… you get the point.  On the day I took my pregnancy test, I had blood work done at my doctors office in the morning, my mom was in town and after my appointment we went to breakfast, did some shopping and ran some errands while we waited for the phone call with the results.  That day I can’t tell you how many wrong turns I took, forgetting to go somewhere we needed to go, I almost felt like a stranger driving in my own town, I didn’t know where I was going, and that is really unusual for me, Justin would be the first to tell you that I am a backseat driver and am constantly telling him where to go. I figured I was distracted since I was waiting for my test results, besides at 4 weeks pregnant, preggo brain is not really that much of a problem, right?

One morning earlier in my pregnancy, Justin and I were getting ready for work and I said something about him taking the dog out for a walk before he left, he looked at me and said “I have my morning meeting today, remember” meaning it was my turn to walk the dog.  I said “No, it’s Tuesday, you have your meetings on Wednesday, you always walk the dog on Tuesday mornings”, again he looked at me and this time had kind of a funny look on his face and said “No my meetings have been on Tuesday mornings, for a long time” and I was so adamant that he was wrong and his meeting was on Wednesday, that I actually made him second guess himself and he reached for his iPhone to check his calendar, of course he had his meeting on Tuesday AM.  He kissed me good bye and I took the dog for a walk.  While I was walking the Apollo I was still mulling things over in my head and feeling really confused, but it eventually did hit me that his meetings really were on Tuesdays (in my defense, about 2 years ago they used to be on Wednesdays, so I guess I was traveling back in time?)  It doesn’t end there…after walking & feeding the dog I finished getting ready for work and left for the day.  When I was halfway to my office I was thinking about something I saw on the news while I was getting ready (don’t ask me what, I don’t remember!) and I was thinking about the TV and couldn’t remember if I had turned it off before I left.  But I was not too worried, leaving the TV on would at least provide Apollo with some kind of entertainment.  But then I started wondering what else I didn’t do before I left and remembered that I had curled my hair, so I started wondering if I unplugged the curling iron and for the life of me could not remember if I did. In fear or burning down my house, I texted a friend at work and told her I would be late, and turned around.  Sure enough, I got home the TV was blaring, curling iron plugged in and to top it off I had left the downstairs window open, which is like an invitation for someone to remove the screen and come into our house (although Apollo would probably bite their leg off).  After I turned off the TV, unplugged the curling iron & closed the window, I started my drive back to work laughing at myself and realized that this was truly my first official preggo brain day.  So to all my friends, I believe you now, preggo brain is a legitimate thing.

And I am sorry I don’t have a 38 week belly shot to show you.  I just simply don’t have the energy right now to put something on that I don’t mind being photographed in and then downloading it to my computer to post on the blog, it’s the little things these days. But here’s a picture of my first baby, he’s absorbing all the love he can get before the little one comes.
My first baby

Thanks for checking in and will keep you posted 🙂

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