Splish Splash

Both my boys have been big fans of bathtime.  What’s not to love about popping bubbles, playing with toys and splashing water, everywhere! And mom loves the clean bodies afterwards.  One of my favorite things about our new kitchen is our farmhouse sink.  It is so amazing for many reasons, but one is it makes the perfect baby bath!  It is just the right size and it saves my back from having to bend over the bathtub.

It is kind of hard to believe Dylan was ever this small!

(1 month old)


Jacob likes to pull his stepstool over and “help” me give him a bath.

IMG_2763ed IMG_2770ed

When Dylan found his feet he spent all his time in the bath kicking his legs, grabbing his feet and flashing that smile that melts my heart.

(5 mos old)


Then he was no longer happy laying down, so he started sitting up in the bath and discovered all the things within his reach from this new perspective.

(7 mos old)

IMG_0918ed IMG_0919ed

As much as I love using the farmhouse sink, I think those days are numbered…because now he knows how to work the level for the faucet and grabs the hose any chance he can get, which results in water getting sprayed all over the place.

(9 mos old)


And gets his hands full of bubbles and starts clapping which sends bubbles and water on the kitchen floor, window, cabinets and anything else close by.


But he thinks it is all quite fun!


And the best part of getting a bath is the nice lotion massage afterwards, fresh diaper and warm pajamas.


Good night!

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  1. These are such precious photos, chronicling a growing baby boy! The last one is a cover shot for multiple magazines I can think of ….

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