Life with two kids is kind of crazy…so my passion for photography has been on the back burner for quite a while.  Yes, I am still taking pictures, obviously.  But I haven’t really been happy with the quality of them since I am just capturing the moment and really don’t have much time to adjust settings/lighting/angle/focal point/etc…to really get that professional quality photo look.  There have been so many times that I’ve looked at the pictures and said, “Eh, these didn’t come out good, I’m not going to post them.” That is the perfectionist in me.  But then I shift into mom mode and really remember what this blog is truly about.  Sharing stories of our lives and capturing those fun moments of our kids growing up, it really doesn’t matter if the quality of the photos are to my ideal liking, what matters is the memory that is being recorded.  So I’ve decided to not worry so much about it and if the pictures are not that great, oh well.  Besides to tell you the truth, alot of the pictures on here lately are taken with my iPhone.

However, occasionally, if the moment is right, I do find myself getting my camera out to practice my photography. During this particular moment I was getting Dylan ready for a nap, and of course Jake decided he was hungry at the same time.  So I made him some food and got him set up with the iPad while I put Dylan down.  After I came out of Dylan’s room I stood talking to Jake for a few minutes and I had one of those moments where I thought, Whoa where did my little baby go! I have this silly little boy living in my house now!

I also noticed how great the lighting was so I decided to get my camera out.  Nothing fancy about these pictures, just a little boy eating his lunch.


This little boy challenges me on a daily (no make that an hourly) basis.  I often tell Justin that I think he has “inherited” my hearing problems since he doesn’t listen to me.  He tests my limits and often makes me question my parenting ability.


But truly, he really is a good little boy, and is just going through his threenager phase.  I think he is pretty darn handsome and I love his independent, silly, rambunctious personality.  And this is what I get for asking him to smile with a mouth full of food!


I love you my sweet boy!

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  1. He is a beautiful little boy! His silly, rambunctious self is also what makes him so appealing! You’ll want these days back when they’re older. Trust me on this!! xoxoxo

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