Month 10

I really can’t believe how fast Dylan is growing up!  He is such a sweet, smiley, happy boy and he is such a bright light in our family!  The only time he really gets upset is if he is left alone or his brother takes a toy away from him that he was really enjoying at the moment, which unfortunately happens quite a bit…

He is getting faster and faster with cruising around after pulling himself up.


I often find myself looking for him around the house because he is so quick getting where he wants to go, he disappears.  Usually he will be in his brother’s room turning over his toy bins, shoe bins, pulling clothes off the hangers in the closet and emptying the bookshelf, I’m guessing it’s payback for all the times Jacob takes a toy away from him.


Or maybe it is his way of telling me I need to read to him more often…poor second kid!


Justin taught him how to say Bye Bye while waving, and he says it all the time. It’s really cute when you are saying goodbye to someone and then his little voice and hand pop up and he repeats the Bye Bye after you.  I haven’t been remembering to sign to him as much as I did with Jacob, life is a little crazier the second time around!  But he does know how to sign more and all done when we are eating.

IMG_1585ed IMG_1591ed

Speaking of eating, this kid is very into whatever WE are eating.  One night he was sitting on my lap while we were having pizza for dinner and he kept grabbing for my slice, so I finally gave him the crust and he loved it.


This month we celebrated Valentines Day at the resort up the street.


Mom and dad enjoyed some drinks and appetizers, while the boys watched the band.


Here are this month’s weekly pictures

40 weeks

Dylan 40 wks 2.12.16

41 weeks

Dylan 41 wks

42 weeks

Dylan 42 wks

43 weeks – 10 fingers for 10 months!



3 thoughts on “Month 10

  1. Thanks Michelle for continuing to share your wonderful family pictures and adventures with me. Such a special family.

  2. Beautiful children !!!!! Can’t gett over how much expression they have like Jeff’s. I can imagine they keep you very busy but they do grow up too fast. Hope you enjoy every minute of motherhood.

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