Dylan and Oma

I have been looking back on older pictures trying to collect the ones that I wanted to share but never made it onto the blog.  So like most of my posts these days, the next several ones will be going back in time a bit.  First up are the ones I took of Dylan with Oma.

When Jacob was a baby my grandma (Oma to Jake and Dylan) lived a couple of hours away.  We would drive in to visit her and Jacob’s favorite things to do was wave at the other residents as we walked in/out, ride on Oma’s walker and run around on the big grassy lawn they had in the back.  A little over a year ago we were so excited when Oma moved just 25 minutes away from us.  We started making weekly trips to visit her.  Jacob has the routine down, he pushes the button to open the front doors and goes right to the hand sanitizer to “wash” his hands then heads over to the elevator to ride upstairs and walks down the hall right to Oma’s apartment, talking to everyone along the way.  It is so fun for me to just stay a few steps behind him and watch him.  He still loves to ride Oma’s walker, and work the remote control on her recliner and on warmer days we go outside in the courtyard to play with a ball or bubbles.  Jacob loves his Oma and talks about her all the time, I love the connection they have!

Then along came Dylan.  All of us still go visit Oma, but sometimes on days after I drop Jacob off at preschool, Dylan and I will go visit her, just the two of us. This gives them some good one on one time.

(2 mos old)

IMG_3064ed IMG_3062ed

Dylan clearly is a fan of Oma as well!

(4 mos old)

IMG_3534ed IMG_3513ed

I love seeing the joy that the little kids bring to Oma.  She is blessed with many, many kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, a lot of joy!

(8 mos old)

IMG_1185ed IMG_1186ed IMG_1184ed

Dylan is starting to learn the ropes himself and keeps busy exploring every inch of Oma’s apartment during our visits.  He stops every few minutes to share a smile and a laugh with her.

(10 mos old)


And flashes his baby blue eyes


I am so thankful that my boys know their Oma and enjoy visiting her as much as I do.

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  1. 4 generations of love. It’s so wonderful for them to still have her in their lives! She always dresses for the day, such a grand lady! xoxoxo

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