Month 9

Since crawling around was not so new anymore, Dylan decided it was time to start pulling himself up to a standing position.  And he is SO proud of himself 🙂


Now that he is so mobile, he is not happy sitting in the stroller while Jacob is playing on the playground when we go to the park.  So Jacob has been busy teaching Dylan the tricks to going down the slides

IMG_1092ed IMG_1176ed

and the swings

IMG_1179ed IMG_1180ed

And at home…Dylan prefers to play with Jacob’s toys while Jacob prefers to play with Dylan’s toys.  Sometimes, just sometimes…they do play well together.  Like chasing each other through the tunnels.


At his 9 month check up, his pediatrician was impressed with how much he has grown. Since his last check up at 6 months he grew 3 inches and is now 30 inches long (96th percentile!) and gained 2.5 lbs which puts him at 21.6 lbs (80th percentile).  And his head circumference is 17 3/4 inches (50th percentile).  We are blessed with another healthy boy who is growing like a weed!  This month we made the transition to his 18 month clothes, one of these days he will catch up with Jacob I’m sure!  Both of his upper front teeth came in this month as well, which now gives him a total of 4 teeth.

Here are his weekly photos

Week 36

Dylan 36 wks

Week 37

Dylan 37 wks

Week 38

Dylan 38 wks

Week 39- This week it was a bit of a challenge to get a picture done!  Dylan was being a goofball and all he wanted to do was chew on his sticker…



What?? You want me to put my hands down and smile for the camera?  He he he, silly mommy…


How about I try and rip the sticker off instead so you can’t see how many months I am…


You still want me to put my hands down??  Okay…Simon says grab your ears!


Nah…back to the sticker, it tastes so good!


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