Things to remember about turning 2

If you remember when Jacob turned ONE, we went back to the location where I had my maternity pictures taken to do a little photo shoot to document the occasion.  Well, I had to do the same thing for his second birthday, but I wanted to try a different spot.

For Christmas, Jacob got this great cowboy vest and chaps from grandma and grandpa, so we put them on along with his cowboy hat and boots and set out for the Rancho Penasquitos trail for some pictures.


This one has a lot of glare from the sun, but I still love it, especially the happiness on Jake’s face!


And here are a few things I want to remember about Jacob right now…

He has added some new words to his vocabulary and is still signing up a storm. Right now I have counted 150 words that he signs.  I know there are more that I have forgotten and he is adding new words all the time.  It is amazing how quickly he picks up on this and it is so great to be able to communicate this much with him.

Jake has always loved it when we sing to him.  He always wants to listen to his music in the car and when he gets ahold of my phone he plays his playlist at full blast.  That is always fun when we are in public since he knows how to adjust the volume as well, so if I turn it down he just turns it back up.  Thankfully everyone within a 5 mile radius of us thinks it’s cute when they can hear the “Wheels on the Bus” or the “Hokey Pokey” or “If You’re Happy and You Know It” before they can actually see Jake doing the moves or signs along with the songs.  Anytime we sing to him, he gives us a round of applause when we are done, then we tell him it’s his turn to sing.  And he knows the tune and rhythm to the songs and will “sing” it back to us, and then proceed to give himself a round of applause when he is done.


He knows his colors and loves to tell me what color everything is. He is also taking an interest in numbers right now and can count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in order when you ask him. He especially loves to remind me all day long that he is TWO years old.

For a long time he has been fighting the stroller and doesn’t want to be confined in anything.  But when he had the cast on, he knew he didn’t really have a choice and didn’t fight the stroller at all and for a short period of time after getting the cast off.  But now we are back to not wanting to be in the stroller, so all of our walks are done in his little blue car that has a handle for us to push him around in.  Right now Jake loves anything that has an engine, every kind of car, truck, tractor, motorcycle, airplane, etc… so he loves “driving” his car around and waving and beeping his horn as we go down the street.

He loves to clarify things that are “yours” and “mine”.  When it comes to food or drinks or shoes, etc…He will say this is yours and this is mine.


He has already learned to be a backseat driver and tells us if the light is green or red and if it is red he signs stop and if it is green he yells GOOOOOOOO!  He hasn’t quite figured out the concept of the yellow light yet and I am finding it difficult to explain to him that it is okay to make a right hand turn on a red light if no cars are coming.

We recently started soccer once a week and he loves it!  It’s more like an outside social playtime activity that occasionally involves kicking a soccer ball.  But it burns his energy and gives him a fun environment to run around in.  Before he got his cast on he was just getting the concept of jumping, now that his cast is off and he is back to using both legs, and running at full speed he has picked up the jumping bug again and is starting to get some air in his attempts.  So every time I turn around he is either jumping or climbing on top of something.

Last week I registered Jacob for preschool two mornings a week. Yikes! I have so many emotions that go along with that statement that it will have to wait for it’s own post.


I love you my sweet boy and happy 2nd birthday!

3 thoughts on “Things to remember about turning 2

  1. I continue to so enjoy reading your blog and watching Jake grow up. It won’t be long and a new little one will be right along with him.
    I do wish your family all the best in 2015.

  2. Michelle, I can’t tell you what a great idea this is for so many reasons. For your boys to see these in the future, for you to go back and reminisce over photos and memories. Your photos of Jake are done so well, and he is SO adorable. I hope we can get together next time I come down! Hugs!

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