And then he turned TWO!  How in the world did that happen?

The morning of his birthday, I took him to get some doughnuts.


After we filled our tummies, we went to the aquarium which has become one of our favorites places to hang out.  Jake makes an immediate beeline for the large tank in the back.  And he loves touching the sea life in the tide pools outside.

That evening when daddy came home from work he brought home a Spiderman balloon which immediately distracted Jake from his dinner so we moved onto the birthday celebration with cupcakes and presents.



There are times when Jake likes to make a mess when eating, but there are also times when he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty…This night he preferred to tackle his cupcake with a fork.

IMG_2098ed IMG_2114ed IMG_2124ed

He also used the #2 candle as a spoon for the frosting


All day he would point at himself and sign TWO

IMG_2133ed IMG_2147ed

And then he was giving mom and dad some cheers for surviving his second year


Our sweet boy!


We had Jake’s 2 year old check up two days after his birthday.  He weighs 24lbs 14oz and is 2ft 9.78in tall. The circumference of his head is 19.25in.  His doctor said he is in great shape and we talked about everything from potty training, transition to a bed, TV exposure, foods he is eating, etc…we have lots to look forward to in this next year.  And he doesn’t need another check up until he is 3 years old.  We are so thankful that we have a healthy boy!

And of course we had to document this 2 year milestone with the giraffe and elephant!  We were bribing him with a box of raisins to get him to sit still, so the first few pictures were of him reaching for more raisins.


Then I got him to say he was TWO (with a mouth full of raisins)


After he chewed and swallowed, we got a smile!

IMG_2200edHappy Birthday to our big boy!

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