And now he turns ONE!  How did that happen?

When trying to figure out where to take his 1 year photos, I kept scouting out all the parks and playgrounds by our house and since it is winter (or San Diego’s version of winter) the grass was turning brown and all the pretty fall leaves had fallen and become a dry, crumbled mess on the ground and nothing was really making me excited about taking his pictures.  Then one day, I had the idea of going back to the trees where we had our maternity pictures taken.  So we loaded up the car with our props, and stopped at the store to buy a second bunch of balloons since the ones I bought earlier had already deflated to the ground and headed back to the trees.


The chair was my grandpas grandmothers chair and it made the perfect prop for Jacob to hold onto.


Since Jacob already experienced his first Christmas, he knew exactly what to do with packages that have a bow on them.


There are many emotions that come with this day.  It has been the most challenging yet the most rewarding year we’ve ever experienced.  In reflecting on this past year, there are many things I’ve been thinking about and there is no way I can cover all of it in one blog post.  But that is what is so great about this blog is a lot of those things have already been documented here one way or another.  So at this time I am going to focus on Jacob right now…

I love the way he loves to dance.  While preparing food and eating we play music on our iPod and Jacob bops his head all through mealtime.  During playtime he likes to get a toy that plays music going before he starts banging around with his other toys.  One day while Jacob was bouncing around to the tune of one of his toys, I said to Justin, “remember when we used to put him in tummy time and try to get him to lift his head…” and now he is bopping it all over the place.  It’s kind of funny, because he does this ‘Night at the Roxbury’ head shake, but his noggin is so big which makes him top heavy and he often looses his balance and has to catch himself before falling over! IMG_5640ed

I love that his first word, spoken and signed, is doggie.  Or the way he says it, Daw-GHEee.  Jacob has been babbling mama and dada for a long time but didn’t really know what he was saying.  Doggie is the first word he says and knows what he is saying.  He absolutely LOVES the dog.  He loves the tag on his collar, he loves to chase his tail when it is wagging and he loves to crawl over him in his never ending quest for an adventurous obstacle course.  Whenever we come into the house from the garage after being away somewhere, Jacob gets a smile on his face and gets excited to see the Daw-GHEee greet us at the door.  While we were taking these pictures, a man was jogging on the trail with his German Sheppard and Jacob starting signing doggie which is what he is doing in the picture below. IMG_5744ed

I love his interaction with people.  Jacob knows when he is at the center of attention and will provide endless entertainment.  He often throws his hands up in the air and that gets a collective “Touchdown” yell from anyone who may be in the room.  He does it while playing, getting his diaper changed, in the bath, while eating and even in the car seat.  Often while I have him in the shopping cart at a store, I will see him throw his hands up and smile at a stranger, waiting for them to say “Touchdown”, when they don’t he kind of gives me a curious look like, why didn’t they say it?? And I will smile at him and give him the “Touchdown” he wanted.

IMG_5729ed IMG_5701ed

I love how he really pays attention to what you are saying.  Anytime you say ‘Oh No!‘ Jacob will put his hands up to the side of his face like Macaulay Culkin did in the movie ‘Home Alone’.  At first it was intentional, we would look at him and say ‘Oh No!‘ and he would put his hands to his face.  But now if you say it without saying it directly to him he does it.  I figured that out when I was reading a book called ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ to him and there are several Oh No’s! in the book and he kept putting his hands up to his head whenever I said it.  Just like ‘Touchdown’ he does it during playtime, bath time, in the car, etc…anything to keep his audience captivated.



This parenting gig has been a pretty incredible journey so far.  We are so in love with this little boy and he has brought us so much joy!


As reluctant as I am to give up the babyhood days, I am so excited to see what the future holds for Jacob. I’m sure the next thing will be letting go of the chair and taking his first unassisted steps! Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!  XO


4 thoughts on “ONE!

  1. So well written – I have tears in my eyes!! I guess it also kind of made me relive those days with my kids (now 31,28, and 26!!). It’s so great that you’re taking the time to write down these feelings, milestones, and tidbits of daily life. After awhile, especially if you have more than one, they blend together or get lost in your mind. You’ll be able to relive so much when you re-read this blog! Plus Jacob will know!! xoxox

  2. Your boy is quite a man!!! He is a darling and I can imagine what a joy he is.
    Did he ever get to open his presents? All his grandparents must love to visit so they don’t miss a change in their little boy. Thanks for the pictures, they are great.

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