Maverick & Goose

Being a child who grew up in the 80’s Top Gun was one of my favorite movies (right up there with Grease and Peggy Sue Got Married).  Not only is it a good storyline, but Tom Cruise was so dreamy (before he got all weird and creepy) he made any young girl swoon.

TOM+CRUISE+TOP+GUN+1980SA few years ago we were with Justin’s parents walking around the Palm Desert swap meet and in one of the pet booths I saw this flight jacket/vest made for a dog.  It immediately made me think of Top Gun and I wanted to buy it for Apollo. Justin was not too thrilled at the thought of dressing up our dog and I was not sure if they had the right size for Apollo so I ended up not buying it.  A few months later for Christmas Apollo got a gift from Justin’s parents.


We actually have used this on several occasions to keep Apollo warm and I keep telling Justin at least it is a cool Top Gun flight jacket as opposed to some fancy knitted sweater thing.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago…A girlfriend of mine gave me all of her son’s baby clothes when she found out her second child was a girl.  While going through all the bins and bins of clothes I was SO excited when I came across this…

IMG_2416edDaddy’s Little Wingman, I mean, how perfect is that!

IMG_2420edI knew right away that I would have to get Apollo and Jacob dressed up together and have a Top Gun day.

IMG_2422edIMG_2429edNow I feel like I need to watch the movie again for old times sake.

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