…I bite!

I bite

(and no his foot is not deformed, his sock is twisted)

We used to warn people that Apollo gets a little nippy when he is being protective, territorial or if there is too much excitement going on for his liking.  Now we are adding Jacob to that warning.  He got his two bottom teeth in at 7 months and just a few days ago his two top ones pushed through.  Before he had any teeth he used to gnaw on my finger or the fingers of anyone who was holding him.  When he first got his two bottom teeth in, he would still try to chew on my finger and after a few times of me screaming OW, he figured out that he shouldn’t do that anymore…and the finger chewing stopped.  Then he moved onto toes.  While in his carseat or even when playing on the floor I’ll find him chewing on his toes.  He really surprised me one day when I was sitting on the floor with him and had one leg stretched out and wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing and he made his way over to my foot and started gnawing on my big toe.  Not only did it tickle but man those teeth are razor sharp!  Now I’ve learned to hide my toes from him.  He loves to chew on his hard plastic toys, even the soft silky tags on his stuffed animals, carrot sticks, foam tiles (see photo above), dog toys (ugh! I did find him chewing on one of Apollo’s toys one time, I about died!) any shoes that are within his reach, the metal frame of his jumper, pretty much anything really.

While he was working on pushing the top two teeth out, I experienced something that I had heard about often, and was hoping I would never experience, but knew in the back of my mind it would probably happen.  One day while running some errands, I was in the mall parking lot nursing Jacob in the car…and he bit me.  It took me by surprise and I yelled OW!  After a brief pause of shock, he started crying.  The next day while nursing him before bed, he did it again, and my reaction scared him which led him to cry again.  A couple of days later he did it again and this time he didn’t cry but he had a look of shock on his face.  And he hasn’t done it since…so either it registered with him that he is not supposed to do that, or he has some relief now that the teeth have finally broken through.  We’ll find out when he starts working on some new teeth.

A biter or not, I still love him to death and I understand now the reaction I get from people when I tell them that Jacob is 9 months old.  It is such a fun time and watching him grow and learn is so amazing! I love to sit and watch him move around and play, it is crazy to think just 9 months ago he was just born and several months ago, he couldn’t even roll over, and just 3 months ago he started sitting up by himself, and now he doesn’t want to be held more than a minute, he wants to be down on the ground where he can move around.

Here is our 40 week old

40 wks - 2496edand 41 week old

41 wks - 2608ed

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