A visit with Oma

A few weeks ago I called my grandma to see if she would be free for a visit that upcoming Saturday.  It turned out not only was she free but my aunt and uncle who live in Utah were coming to visit that same weekend! So we drove in and spent the afternoon visiting with Oma and family.

Jacob and Oma spent a few minutes getting reacquainted


After a few kisses and whispers from her he was right at home


It warms my heart to see Jacob snuggling with his Oma!


Jacob also got to play with his great Uncle John


And Tante Michelle who spoiled him with a new outfit and toys 🙂

IMG_2392edTante Heidi was showing Jacob Oma’s bears on her couch

IMG_2393edThat evening we met up with more family for dinner.  Jacob’s cousin Sadie took it upon herself to make sure Jacob always had a toy available and showered him with hugs and kisses.  She is practicing for her little brother or sister who will be arriving soon.


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