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Okay this is one of those stories that probably won’t seem as funny when retold, it is a “you kind of had to be there” kind of story to really understand why it is so funny.  But it is something that I do want to remember, so I am going to tell you the story of Yo, and hopefully it will at least make you smile.

It all starts with a doll


As any expectant momma knows, baby clothes are a popular thing that people love to buy for your little one.  How could they not, every single time I go into any baby store I am tempted to buy some cute little outfit that I see. Justin’s mom bought an outfit for Jacob as a gift at my shower.  Instead of just wrapping the outfit up, she decided to make things a little more interesting and bought the doll, dressed him in the outfit and wrapped it up in a big box.  You can imagine the surprise on my face when I opened the box at my shower to see this doll staring up at me.  He served his purpose making outfit buying/gift giving a little more exciting 🙂

After my shower, my best friend, Stacey, my mom and I were sitting on the floor of the nursery going through all my gifts and removing tags, doing laundry, making piles and putting things away.  It was getting late and we were tired, but we were having fun and enjoying the time together.  In all the piles of gifts we came across this


These cute little lovies are also a popular gift item.  They come in all different kinds of animals, shapes, sizes and colors.  They often have some kind of embroidery on them, this one was embroidered with I love you, only they forgot the u, literally the letter u not the word you.


I love Yo.

So in our tired giddyness we laughed and said I wonder who Yo is…later on in the evening we came across the doll and we were trying to figure out what we were going to do with it and again we were tired and giddy and I don’t remember exactly how it all went down, but somehow the doll was named Yo and it just took off from there.


While I was pregnant, we took a Childproofing Your Dog class, in an attempt to learn about what we could to avoid any potential problems between Apollo and Jacob.  One of the things the instructor mentioned was before the baby arrives you could walk around carrying a doll, or have a doll on the couch with you, etc…so the dog can get used to the idea that there is another person in the house that is a part of the family.  We didn’t take that part too seriously and Justin was not going to go about his daily life around the house carrying a fake baby, so we dismissed that exercise.  However, once Yo came into our home there was no escaping it.

The morning after Yo was named, while we were making breakfast my mom put Yo in the bouncy chair next to the table while we ate.  Apollo was a bit leery of this strange thing on the ground and gave Yo a few sniffs, but then he was over it.  When were trying to figure out how to use the carriers I got, we used Yo to practice with.  On Christmas morning when we were all sitting in the living room opening presents and Justin opened one of the gifts I got him which was some SDSU Aztecs baby clothes, my mom found Yo and got him dressed up in the new clothes and sat him on the couch and he spent the rest of the morning with us.  When I got the baby swing we put Yo in there to test it out.  Much to Justin’s dismay Yo was slowly working his way into our life as a practice baby.

Once Jacob arrived, Yo was put away in the closet and pretty much forgotten about.  Every time we go through the closet and rotate through Jacob’s things, store the items he no longer needs and make room for new things we always come across Yo and Justin asks me if we can get rid of him.  And every time I say no, not yet…I don’t know why, but I don’t want to get rid of him.  I think it is the memory of that night that makes me want to hang on to him.  Justin is pretty determined since every time he opens the closet Yo is there staring back at him, creepy!   So I decided to take some pictures and share the story of Yo so that his memory lives on through the blog.  And the next time we clean out the closet and Justin asks if we can get rid of him I’ll be able to tell him okay.


4 thoughts on “Meet Yo

  1. Looks like Jacob doesn’t like Yo staring back at him either! That’s a funny story. I remember the look on your face when you opened that one! xoxo

  2. Don’t get rid of Yo! You can have even more fun with him in the future. Laura had a doll that looked real and she went through a stage where we had to take the doll everywhere. One day I had to pick up some groceries with all the kids and the doll in tow. In order to get everyone safely into the store I had to tuck the doll under my arm to hold everyone’s hands. As we were walking in, an elderly lady passed us and gave me the dirtiest look. She thought the doll was my 4th child and I had her stuck under my arm bobbing along!!!

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