5 Months

After I took Jacob’s weekly picture and downloaded them to my computer I realized that this should have been his 5 month photo…so I took another one with his 5 month sticker.  But I loved the first one I took and had to share it with you, so again, I give you two pictures. I promise I won’t make a habit of this! Here’s the first one I took.
IMG_9565edAnd here is the one with his 5 month sticker.
IMG_9587edHe thinks his daddy is hysterical!  🙂

We saw Jacob’s pediatrician a few days ago to follow up on a rash he has had for a while now. The doctor says it is just mild eczema and suggested a lotion to put on him.  We also talked about the fact that he will not take a bottle anymore…so he said we could start feeding him rice cereal, that way Justin can feed him while I am at work.  So that was our project on Saturday morning, we got the highchair set up and fed him his first taste of rice cereal

and he loved it!


We also weighed him at the doctors office and he is now 16 lbs 4 oz, he gained a pound in 3 weeks!

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