A visit with Uncle Terry

It has been a busy busy week!  We left on Sunday to go to Justin’s parents house for a couple of days to visit with Justin’s uncle Terry who was in town from Kentucky.  Before we left we took his 20 week old pictures.  These pictures were so fun to take and I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best so I give you two.
IMG_9178edHe was a wiggle worm and kept grabbing the giraffe’s arm and pulling him over.  I know there is going to come a day when I will be begging and bribing him to sit still for this picture.
IMG_9185ed When we arrived to Justin’s parents house, everyone was outside in the pool. Which is a good place to be when it is 90 degrees outside!  After getting settled in we got Jacob in his bathing suit and Justin took him for a little swim.

He wasn’t particularly a fan…he didn’t scream or cry, but he didn’t necessarily love it either, as you can tell from the look on his face in the picture.  He loves his bath, so I don’t think it was the water, I think it had to do with the temperature since the water was pretty cool.  We will keep at it especially since it is starting to warm up for summer!

The next day the boys went golfing and Jacob and I went to visit my best friend Stacey and her family.  Both her boys love Jacob and her oldest wanted to hold him the entire time. It was pretty cute!
photo 1 (3)Justin, his dad, Uncle Terry & Cousin Tim had a great time golfing (or at least Justin did, he shot a 78!).  They came across a herd (or a flock?) of big horn sheep on the golf course.
BighornOur family is also a dog loving family, we always end up with several dogs running around whenever we get together.  Apollo will always be my first baby 🙂 although he doesn’t get as much attention from me as he used to, I know he is enjoying the break from being the primary subject for my camera.  We had 4 dogs altogether and they all got along great!
IMG_9234edWillie and Bogey (the two black and white dogs), have a more laid back personality and lounge around and watch the world go by.  Where Apollo and Otto (the brown dog) are busy bodies, they are always hunting for lizards, walking the perimeter of the yard and chasing all the blackbirds out of the trees.  Jacob loved watching them walk by and run around, it was pure entertainment for him.

All in all it was a fun few days!  We loved visiting with Uncle Terry, Jacob was very happy to snuggle with him!

We enjoyed the warm sunshine
photo 2 (3)And took plenty of naps!

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