Jacob is 8 weeks old…2 months!  Wow!

A friend of mine forwarded me a coupon for 16 x 20 canvas prints from Canvas on Demand for $40.  I couldn’t pass up on that deal! So I purchased 4 of them and uploaded some of Jacob’s newborn pictures.  They arrived last week and Justin hung them up in Jacob’s room.  I love the way they came out!


IMG_7424Later that day Justin and I were talking about what a great deal they were and how pleased we were with how they came out.  He said, “what are we going to do with them when he’s older and doesn’t want them in his room anymore?” I said “we can move them to another place in the house”, he replied with “well…I don’t want his little brother to get jealous!”  Implying that (1) we are having another boy when we have our second child and (2) we have set the bar pretty high with Jacob.  I gave him one of my famous looks.  Yes, I know we are setting the bar high with Jacob, he is our firstborn and we worked so hard for him and I am spoiling him.  That’s okay, I am his mom and I am allowed. It doesn’t mean I am not going to love our second child (boy or girl) just as much, besides Jacob could care less that his room is nicer than our bedroom or if he has four 16 x 20 canvas prints of himself on the wall, it’s really all for me!

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