Month 12

And just like that…Dylan turned one!  The month of May has been a crazy, fun filled month and I have LOTS to share.  But first, lets finish up the weekly photos.

This little guy is a true snuggler (is that a word?)  He loves to give hugs, and I mean full on arms wrapped around your neck, his cheek squished up against yours and squeezing as hard as he can.  When Justin gets home from work, Dylan is not happy until Justin picks him up so Dylan can give him a proper hug!

His independence is in full force.  If I prepare food for him (cut it up or try to feed him myself), he refuses to eat it.  But if I simply just put it down in front of him he will chow down.  And it is forbidden to try to feed him anything other than what his brother is eating, I’m sure if he was close enough to Jacob while eating he would just grab his plate out from underneath him.  He also prefers to brush his own hair, wash his own face and uses his body to lean, nudge and point to where he wants you to go when holding him.

Along with his independence, his determination and stubbornness have arrived too.  He is ALOT noisier than his brother was.  It was very easy (and sometimes still is) to distract Jacob from something, and he would just go with the flow.  Dylan on the other hand is more stubborn, if you try to distract him from something his determination and noise level get stronger and louder and he puts up more of a fight.   I guess he has two extremes, a loving snuggler to a determined go getter!

When he has a cup in his hand and sees someone else drinking something he repeatedly needs to toast them and “do Cheers!”  He loves to play with a toy (or real) phone and pretend he’s talking to someone.  His favorite place to be is outside and is always pointing out the window or banging on the door to tell us he wants to go out to play.  His walking skills are improving every day.  And because of that, he has now figured out how to open and close the doors, which is his favorite thing to do while playing in the bedrooms, open the door, close the door, open the door, close the door, over and over and over again.  It makes me cringe every time because I keep imaging those little fingers getting smashed.

Here are the last of the weekly photos

Week 49 – We had a pretty nasty virus come through our house and affected all of us (except daddy) for a couple of weeks.  Poor guy was not feeling well this week.

Dylan 49 wksWeek 50 – back to his smiley self!

Dylan 50 wks

Week 51

Dylan 51 wks

Week 52

Dylan 52 wks

And that is it for the weekly photos!  Now it’s time for me to get a new couch!

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  1. As always, love following along! Can’t believe he’s a year old, with personality plus, it sounds like! xoxoxo

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