Papa’s pool

The last weekend in April we went to Papa J and Nonnie’s house to celebrate Papa’s birthday.  And Justin made the mistake of telling Jacob we were going about 2 weeks before.  So…every single day, he kept talking about going to Papa’s to swim in the pool.  Every time we were getting ready to go somewhere, he would ask, “are we going to Papa’s?”  When we put him to bed at night, we tell him it’s time to get some sleep so he is ready for the next day’s adventures, and he always asked “Tomorrow are we going to Papa’s pool?”  Finally, the week before, I started laying out the days and telling him what we had to do each day before we could go to Papa and Nonnie’s house.  It went something like this…“Today we have to do laundry and run errands, tomorrow you have school, the next day is a playdate and swimming lessons, then you go to school again and when we pick you up from school, THEN we will go to Papa’s house!” 

After counting down the days, the day finally came for us to go, and we had a great time!  The things I didn’t get pictures of was golf cart rides, trip to the park, yummy meals and lots of family time playing together.  And of course what Jacob had been waiting for…we spent lots of time in the pool.


Jacob is not the only one who loves to swim, Dylan was having a great time too!

IMG_6229ed IMG_6245ed

They love being with their daddy and Papa in the water.

IMG_6264ed IMG_6275ed

And Jacob loved being launched into the air by Papa.

IMG_6288ed IMG_6289ed

And Dylan was cheering him on.


It is fun to sit back and watch them playing around, being silly and simply just being kids (both the big boys and the littles!)

IMG_6330ed IMG_6332ed

And Dylan has become quite the dog lover.  The neighbors dog spent the day with us and it was a love affair between the two.  The dog followed Dylan everywhere, and Dylan loved every minute of it and was signing doggie all day long. I’ve gained supporter in my quest for a dog!

IMG_6355ed IMG_6375ed IMG_6366ed

And while the guys were golfing one day, the boys and I were able to get a quick lunch with one of my best friends who I had not seen in a long time.


It was a fun weekend celebrating Papa and spending time with family!


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