Month Five

I can’t believe I am starting to get caught up here!  At least with his weekly photos, I still have lots of other pictures/stories to share, but regardless, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it is motivating me to keep at it!

Last week Dylan turned five months old, again, I find myself saying, how did that happen? This past month we still struggled with the nighttime sleep, every once in a while he gives us a break and we get a decent nights sleep, but the norm is we are up several times during the night.  And Jacob has decided to stop napping altogether (but that is a story for another time) so we are all a bit sleep deprived here, Justin and I have found ourselves going to bed at the same time as the kids sometimes in hopes of getting a few hours in before Dylan wakes up.  The problem is our bodies are not used to going to sleep that early so we end up staying up later anyway…Our mantra has been, This is just a phase!

IMG_4837ed IMG_4952ed

The most fun thing about this month is Dylan has found his feet, I just love it when I put him down on his back and he immediately pulls his knees up and plays with his feet (except when I am trying to put a clean diaper on him!) I wonder how long it will be before he figures out how to put his foot in his mouth?


He has been sleeping with his knees tucked under him and butt in the air like a stink bug, he likes blowing raspberries and he is absolutely in love with his brother!  For the last few months whenever Jacob is around Dylan is fixated on him and you can’t distract him at all.  But lately, they have really started interacting and Dylan craves the attention that Jacob gives him.  Dylan will smile and giggle for anybody but he saves his best belly laughs for his brother and I love hearing them both laugh together!

IMG_4890ed IMG_4885ed

Dylan is definitely our independent child.  He is a fun, happy baby, but if something is not going the way he wants it to he will let you know.  His wardrobe is always evolving, I put something on him and find myself saying well this is the last time you will be wearing this…Justin has been calling him One and Done, since he wears something once and then he grows out of it. I have a feeling that he and Jake will end up wearing the same size clothes someday in the not too distant future.


And here are the weekly photos

Week 18

Dylan 18 wks

Week 19

Dylan 19 wks

Week 20

Dylan 20 wks

Week 21



2 thoughts on “Month Five

  1. SO precious and SO much fun catching up as Dylan grows and develops his personality!!!
    I’ll pick them both up at Thanksgiving and return them med-February!!!

    Much Love to All,
    Ant Lee

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