Still playing catch up here…

We had such a warm summer.  Actually the heat is pretty much expected since we moved inland from where we were, but it has been SO humid, which makes it seem much worse.  Needless to say I am thankful for air conditioning (not necessarily the bill though!)  We did have some nice ordinary warm days, and on those days I tried to come up with a fun outside activity.  Jake has been getting in touch with his creative side during arts and crafts at Preschool so on this August afternoon when I said lets go paint, he was all for it!  I put some paper on the art easel that my mom got him and put some paint in some cups and gave him some sponge paint brushes.  Actually it was finger paint, but we’ll keep that our little secret, I wasn’t up to the task of cleaning up after a finger painting activity so I told him to use the paintbrushes.



This is the look I get when I ask them to look and smile at the camera…seriously mom can’t you see we are busy here

IMG_3297edAt first he was keeping the red on one side and the blue on the other, I kept encouraging him to mix it up.

IMG_3300ed IMG_3309ed

Which gave us a lovely shade of purple


Then he decided that it needed some chalk to liven things up


And I love the look on Dylan’s face in these pictures.


He was so proud of his work


Then he started telling me all about the colors he was using.  This one is red…


And this one is blue…


Just look at that face…with or without paint splattered on him, I think he is one handsome dude!


And my plan to keep things relatively “less messy” started to backfire when he began wiping his face with hands that had paint on them.


And it was then that he realized that he was getting paint all over him, and for being a rambunctious little boy, he does not like his hands to be dirty/sticky.


When he started coming at me (and my camera) with those paint covered hands, wanting me to get it off of him, I knew this activity was over and it was time for me to get this little Picasso cleaned up.


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