Father’s Day Weekend

On the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend, we went to a farmers market at Old Poway Park.  This is such a great park and we have spent lots of time here.  They have a large grassy area where you can picnic or just let your kids run around, they have old trains to climb on and they have working trains that take kids for a ride around the park.  There are so many great photo opportunities and I’ve done a few photo shoots there.  Their farmers market is great as well!  When we finished our shopping Jake wandered around the barn area for a while.






























And he watched the trains go by

IMG_8306ed IMG_8320ed




























Next time we go I have a feeling we will be buying a ticket to ride the train instead of watching it…

IMG_8332edIMG_8335edOn Sunday after church Papa J, Nonnie and GiGi came for Father’s Day.  We went out to eat at a great restaurant and enjoyed our time celebrating the wonderful dads!

IMG_8373ed IMG_8366ed

Hope you had a great Father’s Day!


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