Father’s Day Weekend

Last weekend was action packed!  Saturday we drove up to Oceanside to go to the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum with my Aunt & Uncle.  It was a gorgeous day and we saw lots of old tractors, cars, engines, and other random antique things.  The all around favorite part was the blacksmith barn, where blacksmiths were working with machines or an old fashioned hammer and anvil to create various things. It was really interesting to watch.


Jacob with his great Aunt & Uncle!

Then we went to the Rancho Guajome Adobe house.  Where a lady took us on a very thorough tour of the house and surrounding grounds, giving us an idea of what life was like in the 1800’s.  Visiting these kinds of places is always fascinating to me.  One thing that I love about visiting places like this and the old castles and palaces in Europe is imagining the people living there, sleeping in the beds, making meals in the kitchen, walking through the gardens, making history in their offices or reading books in the libraries.  I love the preserved clothing, kitchen supplies, old pianos and trees that are over a hundred years old.  It makes you feel thankful for the things that we have now, but also makes you think about things that you really don’t need. Our lives these days are crowded with material things that we all want or “need”.  Visiting these historical places reminds me that sometimes the simplicity of having conversations with people, playing the piano and singing or dancing along, reading books and kids running around outside using their imagination to play is so much better than TV, iPads, internet and video games.  But there are some things I am incredibly thankful for, like running water!  And electricity, although the occasional blackout is kind of fun once in a while.  Anyway…it was a fun day.

Sunday was Father’s Day! We started the morning at church, then drove downtown to the Petco Park to watch the Padres beat the Diamondbacks.  Jacob had fun hanging out with his daddy and even wore a shirt telling the world that “It’s dad’s first Father’s Day!”

Fathers Day 3

When the “Padre girls” were sling-shooting balls into the crowd, Justin caught one for Jacob.

Fathers Day 2

Why watch the baseball game when you can watch Jacob for entertainment

Fathers Day 1Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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