Continuous shooting

I know I promised I wouldn’t make a habit of this…but I just can’t help it!  My camera is on a continuous shooting mode, so as long as I am holding down the button, it keeps taking pictures.  I love that option!  It is great for catching those fleeting smiles, expressions and movements that you otherwise would have missed.  The only problem is I end up with LOTS of pictures of the same thing, so it takes time for me to go through, compare and narrow them down to one.  Sometimes it’s pretty simple to do, most of the time I keep several different versions of the same scene because there are too many good ones that it is impossible to narrow it down.  It reminds me of the old fashioned way of making “moving pictures” where there is a stack of drawings and each page has the tiniest change in movement, so when you quickly flip through the images come to life.  I am often laughing at the scenes I capture with my continuous shooting.  Last Sunday when we were doing his weekly pictures, he continued his love affair with the giraffe…instead of pulling on his arm, he struck up a conversation with him.  So without further adieu here is our 23 week old!

Huh, you want me to do what???

IMG_9748edOh yeah, that smiling thing…no problem, you got it!

IMG_9749edNow that we have that out of the way, let’s talk to my buddy here…

IMG_9752edReally, you think the little guy is sad that I am growing so fast??

IMG_9753edSilly elephant, doesn’t he know that is what little boys do?

IMG_9758edWhat’s that giraffe?

IMG_9759edAwww, I know I will eventually pass you up too, but the 3 of us will always be best friends

IMG_9757edThings that were pretty remarkable about this past week was the fact that he started taking the bottle again, and he has slept through the night every night!  This is one happy momma here!

4 thoughts on “Continuous shooting

  1. Beautiful fun pictures. Can’t get over how much he looks like you, Jeff, Right down to the hair line. Cute baby and I can imagine how much you are enjoying your first grandchild.

  2. Very cute – and what also makes it is that it looks like the giraffe is smiling back at Jacob! The giraffe’s face is kind of turned toward him, so it really looks like they’re in a conversation!!

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