Birthday celebrations

We’ve had a busy but fun few days!  Saturday was my birthday.  Justin’s parents and grandma came for the day and we had a nice lunch at Pacific Coast Grill with a beautiful view of the ocean! And they got their Jacob fix.

IMG_8582IMG_8585That night Jacob went to bed pretty early (and slept 9.5 hrs that night!) Justin and I stayed up, shared a bottle of wine and played cards (I won 🙂 ), just like we used to do all the time before we were parents.  On Sunday, we met up with a friend from work and her husband at a small local winery with another gorgeous view for lunch and of course a glass of wine.

Then today, a group of my girlfriends (and kiddos) all got together to celebrate the 3 of us whose birthdays are in April.  It was a pretty ambitious idea, we had 7 moms and 10 kids altogether.  But all in all, it went well, no major meltdowns, nobody got their eyes poked with a fork, no glasses were broken, we definitely were the loudest table in the restaurant (even though they sat us in the very back) and our poor waiter probably quit after we left!  As always I had my camera with me at all these events but only got it out after lunch to hand to a stranger to take a picture of us. Again, an ambitious idea to try and corral all these kids for a photo, but we did it.  It’s an imperfect photo, but I love it just as much.

407125_4924944401778_792925619_nThen I stole my friend’s photo from Facebook since it was better??

IMG_8630And in the middle of all this Jacob turned 15 weeks old, here’s our wild child!

IMG_8620Hope you have a wonderful week!

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