Jacob is 11 weeks old… We wore our red and black Aztec colors today to support SDSU in March Madness.  Unfortunately, they lost tonight’s game 🙁 It’s funny, he is all smiles until I start taking pictures and he becomes so serious and stoic.  I hope he is not developing an aversion to my camera, either that or he is in shock at his daddy dancing and waving around behind me taking pictures trying to get him to smile.

We’ve had a pretty great week as far as sleep goes!  He went back to 6.5 to 7 hours between feedings at night and also started taking a long (2 to 2.5 hr) nap in the morning then another decent nap in the early afternoon as well as his 30 minute catnaps in between.  This is a much needed improvement from his every 3 to 4 hour awakenings he has been doing the previous 2 weeks. Which means  I am a happy momma these days 🙂

About a week and a half ago every time I went to feed him during the night he had wriggled his way out of his swaddle.  At first he just wanted access to his hands so he could shove his fists into his mouth.  Then he completely freed his arms and lays with them outstretched.  He broke out of 3 different swaddle types that I have, so I gave up on swaddling him and that is the end of that phase.  Occasionally I will still swaddle him up to soothe him if he’s fussy, but it takes him about 5 seconds to get his hands out.  Right now sucking on his hands is very soothing.  Now when I look at him while he’s sleeping he looks so much older with his arms stretched out and he is not all swaddled up like a tiny newborn.

Speaking of newborns…some friends at church recently had a baby girl and a few days ago I made a casserole and took it over to their house.  I got to hold their little girl who was 7 lbs 10 oz at the time and I was absolutely AMAZED at how small she was and I do NOT remember Jacob being that small.  It is crazy how easily you forget those early days. Even when those early days were only 11 weeks ago…

Jacob has been an absolute joy and entertains us every day with his smiles, recently he started sticking his tongue out at us.  He still hates doing tummy time, but we keep working on that.  He is becoming more and more aware of his surroundings.  While he is feeding if the dog shakes his collar or Justin says something or there is some other kind of noise he stops eating and his eyes are wide open trying to figure out what the noise is and where it is coming from. It has made feedings in a public place a bit of a challenge.

He still enjoys the occasional bottle from daddy too.


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