Happy St Patty’s Day

Our little Leprechaun is 10 weeks old today!

IMG_7771edWe made sure to wear green to church today.  Up to this point all of Jacob’s clothes have been all about daddy – Daddy’s Rockstar, Daddy’s All Star, I love Daddy, etc…He finally fits into one of his Mommy outfits!  If you can’t read it, it says, “My mom is cooler than your mom” 🙂

IMG_7735ed IMG_7745edHe was so alert and in such a giggly mood today so we kept snapping pictures.  It must be because he went 5 to 6 hours between feedings for the last 2 nights!  Which means this momma was more alert and giggly as well!

IMG_7784edAnd of course we had to get his St Patty’s Day bib out for a photo too!

IMG_7824ed IMG_7820edEnjoy your corned beef, cabbage and green beer!

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