How are you REALLY feeling?

I had a friend ask me the other day how I was REALLY feeling, they didn’t want the ‘I’m fine‘ sugarcoated version, they wanted details.  I am finding that is a common question I am asked these days.  And I can honestly say that right now at 15 weeks 3 days and in the beginning of my 2nd trimester, I feel great!

I do have to say that I was pretty lucky I did not get as sick during my first trimester as some women do.  I had my share of nausea for about 2 weeks. Otherwise I really didn’t have any kind of appetite, nothing sounded good and if I finally decided to eat something, once it was in front of me it no longer was appealing.  At least I was not hugging the toilet for 3 months, that would have been miserable. The one thing that I did not (and still don’t) have any desire to eat is red meat (except for In N Out, I can eat that anytime!)  We love to BBQ a tri tip for dinner especially during the warm summer months, but we haven’t done that this summer.  It is really hard on Justin since we have a freezer full of grass fed beef from my parents cattle ranch and he is chomping at the bit to cook it up.  One night I told him to go ahead and make himself a steak for dinner, I ended up having to take the dog out for a walk while he cooked because I couldn’t stand the smell.  It just blows my mind how one little tiny thing can blow your whole body out of whack!

I did, however, have a BIG struggle with fatigue.  I simply could NOT stay awake.  When I got up in the morning and got ready for work, there were times when I had to lie down and rest before I could leave for work.  Then somehow I managed to drag through the day and once I got home most of the time I never made it out of my work clothes, or even made it upstairs to bed, I just made a beeline from the garage to the couch and promptly fell asleep.  That nap didn’t usually last long because the dog would start bugging me to take him out on a walk, and those days his walks were very short.  Once we got home I immediately went back to sleep until Justin came home from work.  Then I would wake up and talk to him for a bit and then go upstairs to bed for the night. I had zero energy and everything seemed like such a chore to do.

Finally, about 2 weeks ago, I feel like I woke up out of a 3 month fog, now I can actually go a full day without a nap.  I have energy again! My appetite has come back full force and other than a little bulge in the belly, I feel normal.  I have been putting off buying maternity clothes and I don’t think I can get away with that much longer, my clothes are getting pretty uncomfortable.  So I see a shopping spree in the near future! The one complaint I had was I was having difficulty getting comfortable sleeping at night, so a friend told me to get a body pillow, not just a regular body pillow but a super special one, which I did, and now am a proud owner of a bed raft and I am sleeping like a baby!

One really awesome thing about pregnancy is my nails.  I have never had strong nails and when I was younger I used to drive my mother crazy by chewing my nails.  Even if they did get long, they would break off the minute I touched something.  I always wanted to have beautiful long nails, real ones.  When I started taking prenatal vitamins in 2009 they helped a little, but nothing to get excited about.  Now, that I am actually pregnant, I can tell you it is not the prenatal vitamins alone, it is a combo of those with a growing baby that make your nails super strong. They are out of control, I almost don’t know what to do with them.  I’ve never been in the habit of needing to trim or file my nails since I didn’t have any to do that to.  Now I do and I love it!  So I am sleeping well, eating, awake and have nice long, strong nails, life is good!  Here’s my 15 week belly.


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