14 Weeks & Bed Raft

AT&T has been down in our area since Thursday so we have not had any cable or internet for 2 and a half days. To tell you the truth I actually enjoyed not having TV, but the internet is a different story.  It really made me realize how much we rely on the internet.  If I didn’t have my iPhone I probably would have gone to the library or Kinkos to get online.  We’ve seen AT&T trucks across the street working over the last 2 days and about two hours ago when I was walking the dog, I walked by and the guy looked at me warily (I’m sure he’s had many people approach him) and I just smiled and said ‘so…is there any hope?’ He laughed and said ‘yes, there’s hope’.  He asked me a few questions and told me to try a few things which I did with no luck, he looked up our address and said he would work on it and about 10 minutes later we were back online, TV and all!  It helps to make friends on the street while walking the dog 🙂

Anyway, my point is, I haven’t been able to post about our latest appointment.  Thursday afternoon I had my 14 week appointment (technically I was 13 weeks 6 days).  It was a really quick appointment, all my numbers are good and we got to hear the heartbeat again!  Our next appointment is going to be the fetal anatomy scan, which I am really looking forward to and we will have lots more to share then.

Right now I have a house full of men playing poker, Justin is realizing his days of having loud guys in the house late at night are numbered, so we’ve had quite a few poker nights lately.  Thankfully the internet is back on so I am able to get all my stuff done in the comfort of my bed raft.  Which, by the way, is Justin’s name for the new body pillow I bought.  I LOVE it!  I was having a hard time getting comfortable sleeping so I found this amazing pillow on Amazon and it was on sale, with free shipping and arrived the next day!  They must take orders from pregnant women pretty seriously!  When I’m not cozy in the bed raft, Apollo is.

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