Month 11

I can’t believe how close we are to Dylan’s first birthday!  This little guy is such a snuggler! After picking him up, he will often lay his head down on your shoulder or against your cheek.  If you are sitting down he will come over and pull himself up and lay his head down in your lap. Or if he is just playing on the ground he will all of a sudden lay down and snuggle with the carpet.


Dylan loves playing with us, but is also very content on playing alone for a few minutes.  One of his favorite things to do is push a car across the floor and around in circles.  He loves pulling all the books out of his book bin and turning the pages and looking at them.  That’s when I start feeling bad that I don’t read to him as much.  So I’ve been trying to be better about that.  His favorite book right now is “Where’s Spot?”  Every time he lifts the flap to open the door, closet, clock, etc…he shakes his head to say nooooo.  And a few times I’ve caught Jake reading the book to him, that alone makes all the difficult times in parenting so worth it.

He is tearing all over the house with his walker and getting braver about letting go and standing for a few seconds before sitting down.  Between crawling, his walker and cruising around on furniture, this kid gets around, fast!


I often look at him in amazement. He is such a big boy, not only in size, but in maturity, the way he acts and the things he does.  I know having an older sibling has a lot to do with that.  It is fun to see Dylan try to keep up with Jake and see them play together, but a part of me misses my little baby.  Jake has a workbench under the window in his bedroom and when he knows someone is coming over, or daddy’s on his way home, or when he wants to be nosy, he stands ontop of the workbench and watches the cars drive by and waits for whoever he’s looking for. I call him the Neighborhood Watch!   Now whenever he gets up there Dylan starts fussing and reaching up to me so I will lift him up and stand him next to Jake. And they giggle and bang on the window and push cars along the windowstill together.  As I stand back (spotting Dylan) I am shaking my head at the two boys and it is during those moments I have to keep reminding myself that he is not even a year old yet!


Here are his weekly photos

Week 44

Dylan 44 wks

Week 45 – showing us his serious side

Dylan 45 wks

Week 46

Dylan 46 wks

Week 47

Dylan 47 wks

Week 48 – It’s a good thing we are almost done with these weekly pictures, because it is getting more and more difficult to keep him still, he would much rather launch himself forward off the couch.

Dylan 48 wks

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