Broken Branch Ranch

Last November, Justin had a meeting that was about a 6 hour drive away.  To try and shorten his driving time, we went to my parents ranch the night before so Justin  only had about 4 hour drive and we got to spend the day playing on the ranch while daddy was gone. My parents ranch here in Southern CA is called Broken Branch Ranch.  One day recently, we saw an airplane in the sky, Jacob and I started talking about how we were going to get on a plane again to go visit Grandma and Grandpa at their ranch in Oregon.  After thinking about it for a minute, Jacob said “No lets drive.”  I told him that would be a really, really long drive.  And he said “No lets drive to the broken ranch!”  He really loves going to my parents ranches, there is so much for him to do and his favorite thing is helping Grandpa with his chores.  The minute he wakes up in the morning, before Grandpa has had a chance to finish his first cup of coffee, he is bugging Grandpa to go outside.  So off they go in the cart to pick up after the horses and feed them breakfast.



Later that day when Dylan went down for his nap, we saddled up my mom’s horse, Checkers, for a little fun.

IMG_4040ed IMG_4047ed IMG_4062ed

Jacob is very comfortable ontop of a horse


First they started off by walking around

IMG_4093ed IMG_4096ed

And he kept saying go faster, go faster.  So grandma got up with him.

IMG_4074ed IMG_4085ed

And he got to go faster!


Then Dylan woke up to join the fun

IMG_0312ed IMG_4108ed

It is so great that our boys get to experience this different kind of lifestyle of working around a ranch. They love it!

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