Month 8

The month (December) leading up to his 8 month birthday was a lot of fun and full of more firsts.  As I predicted, a few weeks before the end of the year, Dylan started his version of crawling.  He starts out on his hands and knees, then flattens himself on the ground and does the army crawl to get where he wants to go, then gets back on his hands and knees to get into a sitting position.  His favorite place to crawl is into Jacobs room.  Even though he has his toys spread out in his room, our bedroom and the living room, he prefers to play with his brothers toys.

He always has and continues to love his bath, especially when big brother jumps in to “help”!


He has been babbling and making noises for a while, but now his babbling is starting to form with consonants and vowels.  Ba, ba, ba and ma, ma, ma are the most common things he says right now.  I am really trying to work with him to say Momma first 🙂 so ma, ma, ma has been on repeat.  And every time he says it, Jacob looks at me and says “Hey, Dylan’s saying Momma!”


The previous month he started sleeping nice 11 hour stretches at night, however, we all got really sick with a nasty cold for several weeks.  So our nighttime sleep was interrupted with stuffy noses, coughs and a lot of late night cuddles. And just when we all recovered from the cold, Dylan kept things interesting by popping out his first tooth on New Years Eve (at 34 wks)! So he started 2016 as an almost 8 month old sporting his lower left front tooth.  Then the following week (35 wks) when he turned 8 months old, he popped out the lower right front tooth. It was a rough couple of teething weeks.


Throughout it all he remained our smiley, happy little guy!


Here’s are this month’s weekly photos.

Week 31

Dylan 31 wks

Week 32

Dylan 32 wks

Week 33

Dylan 33 wks

Week 34

Dylan 34 wks

Week 35

Dylan 35 wks

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