Month 7

What a fun month this has been!  This kid is on the move!  When you sit him down on the floor, he launches himself forward and rolls across the room, does the backward scoot and gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth on his hands and knees. He is desperately trying to keep up with his brother. When holding him if he sees something he wants he will leap towards it with his arms reaching out, if you are not prepared for it or holding on tight enough he is usually successful in getting what he was going for.


Due to all this moving around he is doing, I noticed this month that my chunky baby is starting to slim down a bit.  You can see a difference between the first and last picture in the weekly photos.

He is finally sleeping SO much better!  A 11 hour stretch of sleep at night is becoming more the norm now.

He enjoys his foods (and the messes he makes with it!) I think his hair in this picture makes him look like Alfalfa from Spanky and the Gang (yes, I do know who that is)


Here are this months weekly pictures

27 weeks

Dylan 27 wks

28 weeks

Dylan 28 wks

29 weeks

Dylan 29 wks

30 weeks

Dylan 30 wks

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