Month 6

We are so thankful that we’ve been blessed with another happy baby!  Dylan very rarely cries and when he does he is usually just fussing to either get his brothers attention or to let us know that we are not getting food in his mouth fast enough!  This month we started to see a big improvement in Dylan’s night time sleep. We started to get 10-11 hour stretches here and there and it makes for some happier, better rested parents!

Just like his big brother, he started sitting up the week he turned 6 months old.


Along with sitting he is rolling all over the place and I can no longer set him on the bed and know that he will stay there.  He is putting everything in his mouth, including his feet. We’ve been trying all different kinds of foods, some he loves and others not so much.

Dylan had his 6 month check up and he now weighs 19 lbs 12 oz and is 27.6 inches long, his head circumference is 17.1 inches.  He is a healthy baby boy.  His wardrobe continues to be constantly evolving and he is now sporting his 12 month clothes.

Here are the weekly photos

Week 22

Dylan 22 wks

Week 23

Dylan 23 wks

Week 24

Dylan 24 wks

Week 25

Dylan 25 wks

Week 26


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