Dylan’s newborn photos

From a photographers standpoint you want to take newborn photos sometime in the first 11 days of their life, before they start getting any baby acne, dry skin or become too alert and it gets hard to do those sleepy pictures.  Well the first 11 days of Dylan’s life were kind of chaotic and full with us being sick and the whole remodel/move thing.  I kept trying to pick a date and something would come up and we would postpone it, again and again and again.  Finally, after we actually moved, I was determined to get these pictures done before Dylan was a month old.  So on his 3 week birthday our wonderful photographer came over to our house about 10 minutes before the flooring guy arrived to start laying our hardwood floors.  They both worked around each other and got the job done, so now we have some beautiful pictures of our newest boy and a few with big brother too!

wDylanNB_058fv 8DylanNB_002-4fv 8DylanNB_009-2ev 8DylanNB_008-2cv 8DylanNB_075fv 8DylanNB_060-2fv 8DylanNB_069dv 8DylanNB_072ee 8DylanNB_056ev 8DylanNB_026-2bv 8DylanNB_021-2dv 8DylanNB_034-2f 8DylanNB_030gvAnd since the flooring was not installed and the entire house was concrete we couldn’t move our furniture in, except in two of the bedrooms where we had carpet.  So the only place we could all sit together for a picture was on the blow up mattress we were sleeping on until the flooring was finished in the master.


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  1. Your photographer is really good! And think of the memories you have surrounding that whole time! The no furniture, concrete floors, the flooring guy and the photographer working around each other. You are amazing!! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo

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