If you have been reading this blog from the start you know about the 3 of us who became 6 (even if you already read that post, you need to go back and look at the picture, wow!).  I was pregnant with Jake at the same time as two good friends of mine who were pregnant with their little girls.  While we have so many friends with kiddos, I think there will always be a special bond between our 3 families.

From the start of our pregnancies and still to this day the 3 mommas are always checking in with each other.  First, about doctors appointments, ultrasounds, pregnancy ups/downs.  Then came the baby arrivals and the checking in to see how we were doing, offering advice, sharing stories of the babies “firsts”, milestones and supporting each other. To this day we are still checking in with each other and sharing stories as our kiddos are embarking on the wonderful age of 2.  The daddies are pretty close too and their bond has gotten stronger in their experiences over the last 2+ years. As much as I would love to say that these 3 kiddos will always live in the same town and would always see each other often, that just is not a reality.  Due to a wonderful job opportunity the Haigis family moved to Idaho a few months ago.  Thank God for technology, we are able to easily keep in touch with them and us mommas are still checking in with each other.  They made a trip back to San Diego for Christmas and we were able to get together for a playdate!

So the challenge for the day was to get all 3 kiddos in the same place for a picture.  I think we had a bit of success!

IMG_1975ed IMG_1980ed IMG_1988ed IMG_1992edLove you all and can’t wait to get everyone together again!

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