Senior Portriats

As I said before, it is that time of year where everyone wants family pictures done for their Christmas cards, so I’ve been really busy.  I love that kind of busy though, it is a lot of fun to be with these families and capture special moments with them.  All of the photography I’ve done has been babies, kids and families so when I was asked to do Senior portraits for a friend I was excited to have a different kind of project on my hands.  Not only was it different but having just one, adult subject who stays still and listens to you when you ask her to look at the camera or smile made it so much easier than the kiddos I am used to chasing around!

She choose the beach for her background so we headed to Torrey Pines State Beach to take advantage of the beautiful cliffs.  We had a great time walking up and down the beach taking pictures, talking about life, school, plans for her future and how lucky we were to live in America’s Finest City.  She really is a beautiful person on the inside and absolutely gorgeous on the outside!  See for yourself…

IMG_0730ed IMG_0823ed IMG_0841ed IMG_0854ed IMG_0889ed IMG_0912ed IMG_0936ed















As we were walking back to our cars we kept stopping to take pictures of God’s beautiful artwork! I will never tire of this view.
















I will be back to share some more of my favorites from the other photo sessions I’ve done lately.

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