The Children’s Museum

I’ve wanted to go check out the Children’s Museum for a long time, so while Grandma was here last week, we did!

There are lots of different play areas and rooms with a theme and everything is hands on and kid friendly.

IMG_6527ed IMG_6534ed

We played with stacking blocks made from mushrooms, we blew bubbles with homemade pipe cleaner rings (which Jacob loved).  There was a play area specifically designed for younger kids where we spent most of our time.

IMG_6539ed IMG_6540edThere were lots of balls in this room and that is one of Jacob’s favorite things to play with

IMG_6545ed IMG_6551ed IMG_6564ed IMG_6572edThen there was a “sliced orange” that was a never ending cycle of pick up the balls, put them through the holes and pick them up again…we could have stayed there for hours!

IMG_6578ed IMG_6585ed IMG_6581ed IMG_6592edWe also made our way through the bounce house twice before the older, rowdy kids took over and bounced Jacob out!

IMG_6604ed IMG_6607edIf you are ever downtown and need a fun place to entertain your kid, check it out!

Another fun thing about Grandma coming to visit is she gets those cute (and someday will be embarrassing) bath time photos 🙂

Jacob LOVES his bath, even during the day if the door is open, he will crawl up to the bathtub and turn around and look at me (like he is in the picture below) as if he is saying, can we take a bath now??

bath 1ed Bath 2ed

Thanks for a fun few days Grandma!

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  1. There are some great photos in this bunch, Michelle! Looks like such a fun time, I wish I taken Ava and Lucy there! Glad that you got to spend some really good quality time with your mom. Miss you already.

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