Christmas (part one)

We started off the Christmas festivities at my parents cabin.  When we arrived they had in the middle of the living room, the rocking tractor that my brother and his family got for Jacob last year at Christmastime.  Happy to be out of his carseat and able to move around, Jacob immediately started inspecting this new toy and decided to go for a ride.


They even had our last name engraved on the back.

IMG_5171edThe next day for Christmas Eve, we had the cabin full of family (including 5 dogs!) for dinner, presents and a good time together.  One thing I have noticed is, as good as I am about taking pictures of Jacob…I am really bad at taking pictures of everyone else!  So I didn’t get a single picture of that time.  But of course I did get a few cute ones of Jacob in his Christmas outfit.  First up, back on the tractor.


Even the big boys took the tractor for a spin 🙂


Jacob was fascinated with the horses and loved watching those large animals.  So we spent some time on the fence of the arena watching the horses have their dinner.


We did get a picture of the 4 generations.  Oma, Grandma, Mom and Jacob.

IMG_5243edOn Christmas morning, Jacob spent all morning opening presents and playing with his new toys.


However, if there are dogs around, they trump any package, box, toy or bow in Jacob’s book.  And my parents dog Jane was happy to provide some entertainment for Jacob, he couldn’t contain his excitement!

IMG_5269ed IMG_5271edAfter some coffee (for us) and breakfast, Jacob kept on opening and playing with his toys. He got a musical ball, clothes, books, a cell phone


Thanks mom, but you know this is not going to keep me from going after your phone, right?


Then Jacob tackled the present that was possibly his favorite one yet.


Hmmmm, can’t do much with it while it is in this box….


Daddy to the rescue!


And I have my very own truck!! Lets check out the horn here.


I simply couldn’t narrow these next photos down to one…or even two.


Besides it shows what a ham he is when he has an audience.  Every time he would raise his arm, he would get a collective cheer from everyone.


and that makes him more and more excited!




Before we left, Jacob made sure to snuggle with his Oma for a few minutes.

IMG_5391ed IMG_5396ed

He’s a pretty lucky little dude!

I’ll be back soon with the second half of our Christmas.

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