Fort Knox

Well, there is no stopping him now…it’s official…we have a crawler.


While Jacob has been scooting for a while now, he never really left the 5 foot span of the area where he was playing.  Which meant I could plop him down with some toys far enough away from the stairs and know he would be fine.  Not anymore… It amazes me how quickly this all happened. He was scooting around for a several weeks and then one day he started the army crawl, the next day was a clumsy crawl and then by the third day he was a pro! And let me tell ya, he gets faster everyday and is loving his newfound freedom!

Since this all started 2 weeks ago, we have been in childproofing mode.  Our house is two stories (technically 3 if you count the garage) and the downstairs is split into two levels.  Which means we have lots of stairs.  We already had a gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep the dog downstairs while we were not home.  We had bought another gate a while back for the top of the stairs leading to the bottom half of our split level downstairs but never installed it.  The day Jacob started crawling Justin installed the gate.


IMG_3106edThe next night I went on Amazon to order a gate for the top of the stairs upstairs and 2 “temporary” ones to keep the dinning room and kitchen separate.  That way it keeps Jacob out of the kitchen and Apollo has his safe area where he can nap, relax and have access to his food and water without worrying about Jacob climbing all over him (Apollo’s tail (and toys, ugh!) has been Jacob’s favorite target and motivation to move across the room).  So basically our house has become Fort Knox.

IMG_3108edAnd here is our 42 week old 🙂



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