Balboa Baby

We did our annual trip to Balboa Island where Justin’s parents rent a beach house for a few weeks every summer.  We packed the car full to the brim of all of Jacob’s necessities (pack n play, stroller, etc…) as well as all the beach necessities (beach chairs, towels, umbrella, etc…) we barely had enough room for us and drove to Balboa for the day.  True to beach weather it was cool and overcast all morning, but we were sure it would burn off later in the afternoon.  We visited, played with Jacob and played cards while he took his nap.  Unfortunately, the sun never came out…so we didn’t make it out on the sand.  Instead we loaded Jacob in the stroller and walked into “town”, where we browsed the shops and got a little exercise. That evening some extended family came to the beach house and Papa cooked up a fabulous dinner as always and we enjoyed our time visiting with them.

It was too bad that the sun never came out, we were looking forward to letting Jacob play in the sand again.  But he didn’t seem to mind, since he got lots and lots of cuddles from his GiGi who calls him her “little heater” since he keeps her warm when it is cold.



And of course Nonnie got in on the snuggles too


Here’s to hoping the sun is out when we go next year!

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