Summer lovin…

…had me a blast!  Summer lovin happened so fast!  Okay, all you Grease fans keep singing the song….

Summer is in full swing here.  Now that the June gloom has worn off we have had some beautiful weather (we also had a bit of a heat wave.  I know all you Palm Desert people are rolling your eyes at me, I know…I know…) Anyway, we have really enjoyed getting together with friends almost every weekend for a BBQ/potluck dinners.  We even had some friends ask us the night before if we were okay with Steak and Lobster for dinner?  Uh, yes, please!!  We’ve had zoo dates, park dates and lunch dates.  We truly have some fantastic friends, and it is great to see everyone in a group setting, but it is hard to connect with everyone and really visit with people in a large group sometimes, so I love these smaller gatherings especially when we can sit outside and enjoy our beautiful San Diego weather!

I thought I better get my 4th of July pictures up before it is August!  The 4th was the perfect opportunity to introduce Jacob to his first true beach experience!  We’ve walked along the beach many times, but this was the first time he was actually on the sand.  It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm then it cooled off a bit in the late afternoon.  We have some good friends who live on the bay and every year for the 4th they set up camp on the beach complete with a BBQ and all the fixings.  It is such a fun, relaxing environment complete with good company.

IMG_9855edJacob got to spend time with one of his girlfriends KJ, who was intent on holding his hand in every picture!

IMG_9886edThen his buddy Micah woke up from his nap and we all gathered for a photo op, but KJ was not surrendering him to Micah, she held on tight 🙂

IMG_9895edFamily photo

IMG_9881edJacob loved the beach and enjoyed all the new sights!  Even when it came to naptime, he just snuggled in for a bit…


and then woke up ready to go!

IMG_9914ed IMG_9901ed

Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July!


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