6 months

Sorry I’ve been MIA for almost 2 weeks, we’ve been busy!  Summer is in full swing and our calendar has been packed.  I have so many great pictures & stories to share with you and they will come, but right now I just wanted to focus on the fact that Jacob is 6 months old today!  That went by sooooo fast!  The time from 5 to 6 months has been my favorite time so far, it is so much fun.  He still continues to sleep 11-12 hours at night, he recently started taking longer naps during he day (Hallelujah!) and in the last 2 days he has mastered the art of sitting up by himself.  He’s still a bit wobbly so I am always there to catch him but it is amazing to see how he went from sitting up with assistance to sitting by himself in 2 days.

I’ll be back with more stories and pictures soon, but for now, here is our 6 month old 🙂


2 thoughts on “6 months

  1. what a little “man”…he and his giraffe…poor elephant he must feel “left out”…can’t wait to hear all the stories…miss you all..Love

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