Bottles and feet

As I mentioned before Jacob is starting to reach out to his toys and grab things and those things now include his feet.  He has been kicking his legs up in the air for a long time when he is lying down, I’ve been waiting for the day that he discovers that there are feet at the end of those legs and he finally has.  Now we’ll see how long it takes him to try and get those feet in his mouth.

I snapped some pictures of him while he was playing with his feet on Sunday, when I downloaded them to my computer these took my breath away.  I mean there is NO WAY Justin could deny that this is his child

IMG_9135edThere are times when I think he looks like me, most of the time I think he looks like Justin, but there are times when it literally takes me by surprise how much he looks like his dad.  It’s almost like I have a glimpse into what Justin was like as a baby.

IMG_9137edI’m sure the preppy collared shirt has a bit to do with it too 🙂

One change that Jacob decided to make recently is refusing the bottle. We figured this out on Mother’s Day when we tried to give him a bottle after I had a glass of wine with dinner.  Nope, he wanted nothing to do with it.  At first we thought it might have just been that specific occasion, but we’ve tried to give him a bottle every day since then with no luck.  So…after advice from friends and online research we have been trying different things to try and get him back on to a bottle.  There was no change this past week, but we are not giving up.  Luckily I am home with him everyday so it is not too big of a urgent problem, except for one day of the week when I go into the office for work.  Last week I fed him right before I left, then Justin brought him to my office so I could feed him his lunch, then I was home in time for the next feeding.  The way it is looking right now, he is probably going to have to do that again this week and that will get old really quick.  Plus I am starting to feel like I will never be able to leave him for more than a few hours at a time, so my visions of doing anything fun outside of baby are rapidly dwindling.  Let’s hope we get this figured out soon! All prayers are greatly appreciated!

After snapping a few of our weekly pictures, I looked at them on my camera to see if we got a good one and I noticed that he was slouched down, so I went to go sit him up and he spit up all over himself.  I’m sure that was his way of saying he was done taking pictures.  So I give you our slouched down (but smiling) 19 week old.



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