A whole nother kind of love

When we were trying to get pregnant, I was dreaming of a family and hoped that someday I would have some kids of my own to love.  Then once we did get pregnant, I was elated and immediately felt a bond with the life growing inside of me and that bond grew stronger with each ultrasound picture and kick, roll and hiccup from within.  Even though I already loved our little guy before he arrived, nothing prepared me for the intensity of the love I feel for him.

Sometimes I catch myself looking at him and thinking, is this real?  Is this really our baby, our son! Yes, indeed he is and I would do anything for him. How could I not when he looks at me like this and counts on me for his every need.
IMG_7178I mean, I am willing to give up a good nights sleep so I can sing and whisper in his ear while rocking him back to sleep

I give up the life that guarantees a shower every morning to make sure he is clean, dressed and his little toes are covered to keep warm

I’ve learned to enjoy my meals cold instead of warm and whenever I have a minute to shove the food in my mouth instead of eating when I am actually hungry, so I can ensure that he is fed when he is hungry and falls into a milk coma

The piles of paperwork, bills, housecleaning and laundry get put off because I can’t stop kissing this belly button

And I will drop everything to soothe his cries because it breaks my heart to think that he may be unhappy about something
IMG_7193I can’t tell you what day of the week it is, or where the hours in the day go, but I can tell you he is by far my favorite snuggle buddy and there is nothing else I would rather do all day long

2 thoughts on “A whole nother kind of love

  1. What a beautiful rendition of Motherhood.
    Thank you for sending it to me. He is a beautiful boy and looks like he is delighted to be part of your life. Can’t get over how much he looks like his father and grandfather.

    Please keep the pictures coming. Each one is a joy.

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