The Baby Project

When we were going through the process of starting a family, I was doing research and scouring the Internet for information (I now have a degree in Google!) I found so much information in other people’s blogs where they shared their stories, it was a personal way to relate and connect with others who were dealing with the same frustrations rather than reading all the impersonal medical language that just states the facts.  Yes, the facts are important, but when you are dealing with something that  involves many different variables among different couples, it helps to find someone that has a similar story to you and you’ll learn things that the medical world won’t necessarily tell you.

Looking back on this and rewriting our story for the last 3 years is really kind of crazy.  I remember doing all these things, feeling the emotions, sorting through all the information, wondering if we were ever going to have children and in the end it was all worth it.  I hope that our story provides some kind of hope or comfort to others who may be struggling through this.  I am not looking for any kind of sympathy or a pat on the back from anyone.  As I said, I found  comfort in other people’s blogs and stories and I hope to return the favor.  We don’t get to choose our path in life, but we can choose how we walk the path.  I never thought we would be on this path to start a family, but by leaning on God we held hands and walked the walk.   It makes our baby that much more special to us.

A woman I talked to who also went through her own fertility struggles once told me, don’t worry about the traditional way of doing things, sometimes you have to step outside the box to get the family you dreamed of.  She said this to me 2 weeks before I was starting my IVF medications, and it stuck with me.  A big part of this struggle was coming to terms with the fact that we could not conceive our baby the “traditional way”.  Medicine has come a long way and it is amazing what fertility specialists can do now.   I would not change a thing.  Yeah, it would’ve been nice to not have to deal with all this, but this whole process taught us a lot, and we learned so much about each other that we may never have learned.  It brought us closer than I thought was even possible and I am so thankful for that.

So I added our story “The Baby Project”, you can find it here, or by clicking “The Baby Project” at the top of the page. If you read it, get comfortable, it’s long, it covers 3 years of our lives.

One thought on “The Baby Project

  1. Wow … we have an ambitious and excellent writer in the family!!!
    Thank you Shelley for sharing your journey, and keeping everyone up to date in this blog. May God bless you with an easy and uneventful pregnancy; and bless you and Justin with a happy, healthy bundle of JOY. We can’t wait …
    Love you LOTS,
    Mom & Dad

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