And then he turned TWO

I am excited that I am getting this post done in the same month as the event happened!  A few weeks ago, Dylan turned TWO!  And he was so excited about it!  That morning, after dropping Jake off at school, I took him to Krispy Kreme for a doughnut treat.

That afternoon while he was napping, Jacob and I made his birthday cake and wrapped up his presents.  When daddy came home he had a birthday balloon from Nonnie and Jacob declared that it was time for Dylan to open his presents.

We had some friends in town that were staying with us, so we all enjoyed a nice dinner outside before it was time for cake.


Then it came time to blow out his candle

Ever since his birthday Dylan has been walking around singing “Happy Dylan…Happy Dylan” which is his own version of the birthday song.

I think they liked the cake

When we moved, it became quite a trek to visit the boys pediatrician, but I liked him, so I kind of lagged on finding a new one.  After talking to a fellow mom who is also one of the doctors I used to work with, she recommend someone whose office is really close to our house.  So we had Dylan’s 2 year old check up with their new pediatrician, who I really like.  He is a healthy boy and checked out great!  When talking about how tall he is, his doctor said that both our boys are projected to be at least 6 feet tall and Dylan is likely to be 6′ 2-3″.  Maybe we will have a basketball player on our hands, he is our athlete after all.  Dylan is currently 3 feet tall and weighs 29lbs 9.6oz.  He did get one shot and the nurse was fantastic and SUPER fast, Dylan didn’t even have a chance to think about it and start crying, another plus for the new doctors office!

Dylan very quickly grew out of the baby phase and is more and more independent every day.  He is my hot and cold kid.  He goes from being happy, silly, playing to throwing a complete fit in just a matter of seconds.  We are experiencing the terrible twos this time around.  But he is also such a love and a snuggler.  He usually doesn’t want to just sit in my lap, he has to have my arms completely wrapped around him like a harness.  He often wants me to hold him or carry him around and it is getting really hard to do that for extended periods of time since he is so heavy!  He is my chowhound and will eat pretty much anything, except for veggies.  Most days I make a double serving of my lunch because he often hijacks whatever I am eating for himself, even though he already had his lunch.  He has 3 of his two year molars in so we are almost done with the teething pains.  He still adores Jacob and when they are not fighting, they really have a great time playing together.  He is a parrot and has been copying everything we say, and picking up new words everyday and stringing a few words together.  Especially with the amount of talking his brother does, I can’t imagine how many words he has absorbed already.  If we ask Jacob a question, after Jacob answers us, Dylan automatically gives his answer too.  He will not be left out of any conversation.  His favorite song is Baa Baa Black Sheep and sings it all day and requests it every single night before bedtime.  This is my kid who is happy to have his picture taken, so I give you his 2 year old picture with Giraffe and Woolly Mammoth.

Happy Birthday to my sweet blue eyed boy!







Testing, testing


Apparently the last post I did never sent out a email notification that I published a new post.  So I went online to try and find out why and I guess due to an update it was messing up the system.  I haven’t had time to research how to fix it, but there was recently another update so I am hoping there is resolution to the problem in this update.  So this is just a test post to see if the email notifications are working again…

Almost 2

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I can’t believe how fast it flew by!  We had our parents, Justin’s grandma and my brother and family over for a traditional German feast on Christmas Eve,
Lance & famfollowed by a great service at our church and then back to our house for dessert and game playing.  Christmas morning it was our parents, Justin’s grandma and Justin’s sister Stacey and Sue, we had our usual Quiche and homemade sweet rolls.  We opened presents

IMG_6662New golf shoes for the daddy to be

IMG_6666and I got the MommaRoo I wanted 🙂

IMG_6681Apollo played Santa
IMG_6656and Molly helped shred the wrapping paper

IMG_6675We had a lot of laughs, played more games and settled down for Christmas dinner.  It was a wonderful time with family.

Now that Christmas is over, we’ve spent the last 2 days putting away decorations and finishing up the piles of laundry for baby Frisco.  My hospital bag is packed and the car seat is installed.  I had an OB appointment this afternoon and all is well, we heard his strong heartbeat and she measured my belly.  My blood pressure is good, she also noted that I’ve lost weight since my last appointment, I reminded her that it was actually because I had quite the splurge the day of my last appointment, I learned my lesson not to do that the day I have to weigh in 🙂  And the most exciting thing is she determined after an exam that I’ve started thinning and am almost 2 cm dilated!!!  She said what I thought were Braxton Hicks I’ve been feeling actually could be mini contractions, or both.  So it could be any day…or a few weeks…we shall see…

Here’s my 37 week belly – Merry Christmas!


I have been talking about starting a website/blog ever since planning our wedding in 2006…6 years later I am finally doing it!  Over the years I have followed several blogs and they have been inspirational, informative, emotional and comical. Most of them are centered around photography and provide inspiration for my hobby, tips to learn and they almost always include stories of the photographers lives and their kids who are their main subjects.  It has inspired me to have a place to share the pictures I take and the stories that go with them.  First things first, I am not a writer…so please do not expect perfectly flowing, eloquent posts that will make you swoon.  Also, I am not promising that I will post something every day, I am going to try to update once a week and we’ll see how it goes.  However, we do have some exciting things happening in our life (we’re having a baby!) and our main goal for this blog is to be a way to keep friends and family updated on my pregnancy, adventures in life and of course lots of pictures.  So welcome and thank you for sharing this crazy journey with us and please leave comments, I promise I will read them all!